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A Blend of Natural Infusions to Calm both Horse & Rider with Rose Oil & Camomile

Calmer Horse is a potent remedy, only a small amount is needed with long lasting effects and a long shelf life making it great value.

Calmer Horse is a traditional recipe used to disguise endorphins (increasing with adrenaline).

'A Blend of Natural Infusions to Calm both Horse & Rider
Contains herbal properties to relax the senses of both horse & rider, with calming influences including rose oil & camomile'

To be worn by both horse and rider at the same time; this encourages the horse to 'tune in' to the rider/handler as opposed the environment around him/her and feel relaxed in the hands of a 'maternal' being.

The rose oil and camomile are soothing aromas to the rider/handler, relaxing the mind and creating a more confident posture to which your horse can feed from; in turn, allowing for a downward calming state of body and mind for each party.

After multiple use, the aroma becomes a relaxing and familiar scent to the horse, meaning it can be a blessing in many situations such as traveling your horse, being attended to by the farrier or vet, temporary stabling, etc...

Comes in a handy trigger spray so can be sprayed easily almost anywhere (a cloth or your hand maybe used if a spray needs to be avoided)

Directions for use:
Apply to the horse's neck and nostril/muzzle area avoiding eyes and mouth by first spraying onto your hand or cloth. approximately 1 - 2 tsps. are needed.
For the rider, spray a small amount onto wrists and allow to dry or apply to a handkerchief and carry on person.

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