Natural products for the Gypsy Vanner
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Mitey Feathers 
(feather & skin care, mite repellent)
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Formulated for pink skin
(nourish, condition and protect)
Natural, Effective & Affordable
Care for that hair!
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Our products are made using traditional methods for the most sensitive of skin types for all heavy horses; naturally crafted using quality essential oils and plant based ingredients.
Soothing itchy skin, conditioning brittle or damaged hair and protecting your cobs skin and hair from environmental conditions, including feather mites is foremost in the formulation of our products.
Our range includes shampoo for the show cob, soothe itch management products, repellents, leg oils and creams (mitey feathers), 'no rinse' washes, calmer horse and fly spray, to name a few.........

Old Style Horse Remedies
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